Hobbytime 061 8 Pieces, Modellers Hand Tool Set

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Modellers Hand Tool Set Expecialy rebuild for Hobbytime


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Brand: Hobbytime Modelkits
Stock Code: HT061
Type: Tool Set
Number of Pieces: 8


Hobby Tools Contents

  • A5 Cutting Mat
  • Tweezers
  • Utility Knife
  • Yankeski
  • Sanding Block
  • Pipette
  • Brush
  • Palette


Hobby Tools Features
8 Pieces Together
The best choice for starters
Work on a smooth surface thanks to the cutting mat
Check for parts that cannot be grasped with tweezers.
Retouch your model with a utility knife and replacement tips
Easily separate model parts thanks to the pickaxe.
Smooth the surfaces using the sanding block.
Provide dye control with the help of pipette
Color your mock-up with a fine-tipped brush
Use your paints easily with the palette.


About Hobbytime

Hobbytime, as Turkey’s largest physical and virtual hobby store, is a corporate business that started its operations in 1999 with the aim of creating an environment of entertainment and intellectual progress covering technology and art, serving hobby lovers and contributing to the development of their hobbies. The products sold at Hobbytime are not only a commercial commodity, but also a tool that enables hobbyists to spend their time with a higher quality and supports the formation of a new environment in their social lives.
Hobbytime constantly conveys information to its customers and unaware people through educational programs, events and seminars on hobbies spanning different fields. In this way, it tries to help hobby lovers develop themselves further and contribute to their hobby culture socially.
Hobbytime, plastic, resin, metal models; RC “Remote Controlled” models are proud to serve comprehensive and impressive hobby areas such as train modeling and architectural models.


Hobbytime Review

This set, which we created with the beginners in mind, consists of 8 pieces.

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 340 × 190 × 60 cm





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