Hobbytime 059 1/35 ZMA-15 / ACV-15 AFV Plastic Model Kit

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ZMA-15 / ACV-15 AFV Expecialy rebuild for Hobbytime


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Brand: Hobbytime
Stock Code: HT059
Product Dimensions: 15 cm. Length, 8 cm. Width, 9 cm. Height
Scale: 1/35
Type: Disassembled
Material: Plastic


Hobbytime ZMA-15 / ACV-15 Contents
Plastic injection parts
1 Piece Installation Guide
1 Piece Decal
1 piece of photo etching


ZMA-15 Model Features
ACV-15 scale model.
It is made of disassembled plastic.
There is no glue or paint coming out of the box.
You can easily perform the necessary assembly operations with the assembly guide inside.
It is recommended to paint with the colors specified in the manual.


Hobbytime Review

ACV-300 is a tracked armored combat vehicle family developed by FNSS, a Turkish defense industry company, used as both an armored combat vehicle and an armored personnel carrier. ACV takes its name from the abbreviation of the English Armored Combat Vehicle (Armored Combat Vehicle (ZMA) in Turkish). The ACV-300 is based on the American-made Enhanced Infantry Combat Vehicle. The vehicle is currently in service in the armies of Turkey, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.
FNSS company developed the ACV-300 model based on the AIFV vehicle to meet the operational needs of the Land Forces Command. The first test vehicle was developed in 1992. Based on the main AIFV vehicle, there is a single-seat turret equipped with a 25 mm gun and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun.
The new generation ACVs produced by FNSS Defense Industry are fitted with rubber wheels that will enable them to move on the highway. In this way, the range of the vehicle has been extended and it has reached a much superior loading and towing capacity. This vehicle can be fully amphibious. Standard equipment of the vehicle includes night vision system, NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) protection system and smoke grenade launcher.
There are 2249 vehicles in the Turkish Army inventory and 136 vehicles in the United Arab Emirates. The Malaysian Army ordered 211 ACV-300s of different models in 2000 and all have been delivered.
FNSS and a local company DRB-Hicom Defense Technologies (Deftech) have cooperated in AIFV vehicles produced for Malaysia. The ACV-300 vehicles belonging to Malaysia are given the nickname Adnan. This name is II. It is named after Adnan bin Saidi, a Malaysian captain who fought on the Singapore Front during World War II.
Many different turret systems can be mounted on ACV-300 vehicles in line with the customer’s requests. In addition, small battlements can be opened on the sides of the vehicle so that the infantry inside the vehicle can shoot at the targets outside.
Adnan vehicles are equipped with RVH TacNav model GPS, LWD Avimo laser warning system, Wegmann 76 mm grenade launcher, NBC protection system and SNVVS-2 model night vision systems.
A Syrian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter was shot down in the Idlib region using ACV-300 with the support of the FSA and Turkish Artillery.


About Hobbytime

Hobbytime, as Turkey’s largest physical and virtual hobby store, is a corporate business that started its operations in 1999 with the aim of creating an environment of entertainment and intellectual progress covering technology and art, serving hobby lovers and contributing to the development of their hobbies. The products sold at Hobbytime are not only a commercial commodity, but also a tool that enables hobbyists to spend their time with a higher quality and supports the formation of a new environment in their social lives.
Hobbytime constantly conveys information to its customers and unaware people through educational programs, events and seminars on hobbies spanning different fields. In this way, it tries to help hobby lovers develop themselves further and contribute to their hobby culture socially.
Hobbytime, plastic, resin, metal models; RC “Remote Controlled” models are proud to serve comprehensive and impressive hobby areas such as train modeling and architectural models.




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