Hobbytime 058 1/72 F/RF-5A Freedom Fighter Plastic Model Kit

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F/RF-5A Freedom Fighter Expecialy rebuild for Hobbytime


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Brand: Hobbytime Model Kits

Stock Number:058

Scale: 1/72 (It is a 72 times smaller model of the real.)

Type: Disassembled (Paint and Glue reguired)

Part Number : 91

Material: Plastic



  • The parts of enjection
  • 3 Plastic Frame
  • 1 Assembly Manual
  • 1 Decal
  • 1 Transparent Frame



  • Scale Model of F-/RF-5A Freedom Fighter
  • İt is designed disassemled plastic.
  • Glue and Paint do not come out of the Box.
  • You can make the model easily with Assembly Manual.
  • We sopposed the use original color in the Assembly Manual When make the model.



The F-5 aircraft, which the Turkish Air Force has flown for many years and also preferred by the aerobatic teams, is presented to you in the highest quality with Italeri production and Hobbytime design.


Concerning about F-5

Northop F-5 development work started in 1954, after Northop officials visited European and Asian countries and determined their Nato and Seato defense needs. The design work that took shape as a result of the tour in 1955 included an aircraft that was light, supersonic, cheaper than other aircraft, easy to maintain, short and could use secondary runways, and even aircraft carriers.

Since 1965, THKV has purchased 75 F-5A, 20 RF-5A and 13 F-5B within the Map program. These planes were allocated to the 161st and 163rd Fleets affiliated to the 6th AJU in Bandırma, to the 142nd and 143rd Fleets affiliated to the 5th AJU in Merzifon and to the 192th Fleet of the 9th AJU in Balıkesir. The shipment was completed in seven years.

Of the F-5A / B and NF-5A / B’s, the best 48 were modernized as transition training aircraft to the F-16s.





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Dimensions 37 × 24 × 17.5 cm


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