Hobbytime 056 1/48 F-4E Phantom II 2020 ”Terminator” Plastic Model Kit

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F-4E Phantom II 2020 Terminator Expecialy rebuild for Hobbytime


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Name: Hobbytime 056 1/48 F-4E PHANTOM II Plane Model
Brand: Hobbytime
Stock Number: 056
Scale: 1/48 (It is a 48 times smaller model of the real.)
Type: Disassembled (Paint and Glue reguired)
Part Number: 150+
Material : Plastic



  • Injection molded plastic parts
  • 5 clear plastic frame
  • 5 gray plastic frame
  • 1 decal
  • 1  Assembly Manual
  • 1  Photo Etched.



  • F-4E Phantom II scale model.
  • İt is designed disassemled plastic.
  • Glue and Paint do not come out of the Box.
  • You can make the model easily with Assembly Manual.
  • We sopposed the use original color in the Assembly Manual When make the model.



The Phantom legend, which is the backbone of the Turkish Air Force, which is very popular both in our country and in the world, is one of the rare kits that includes the detailed Hasegawa pattern and the highly detailed quality decal paper, and the Photo etch plate suitable for converting to 2020 aircraft. and the Iranian Air Force. It is a kit that includes the decal set belonging to.


Concerning about F-4 Phantom:

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a multipurpose fighter-bomber produced by the American McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

Its construction was first started in 1961.

It was used in active service by the American Army until 1996.

Turkey initially Peace Diamond II (Peace Diamond II) project with 40 units ordered and F-4E aircraft began to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force in 1974.

In 1977, 32 more F-4Es were added to the fleet within the scope of the second project ” Peace Diamond II ”.

Respectively, 16 F-4Es from the US Air Force within the scope of Peace Diamond III in 1981, 14 F-4Es from the USA within the scope of Peace Diamond IV in the middle of 1984, and 40 F-4Es, which were retired from the US air force within the scope of Peace Diamond V, were added to the fleet in 1987. participated.

With the modernization project jointly initiated with Israel Aviation Industry (IAI-Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd.) in 1997, 53 F-4Es in the Turkish Air Force inventory, structural reinforcement, new generation navigation systems, HUD (Head-up Display)

HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and stick) MFD (Multi Fuction Display) is a new generation radio equipment, the existing AN-APQ 120 radar has been replaced with the ELTA ELO / M 2032 radar. In addition, the ability of the aircraft to carry weapons has been strengthened with new generation weapons.

Within the scope of the modernization, 28 aircraft part of the F-4 were completed in the 1st Air Supply Maintenance Center Command, 26 aircraft part in Eskişehir Aviation Industry (IAI) facilities. After modernization, the aircraft was renamed F-4 2020 / Terminator. F-4s are planned to be active in the Turkish Air Force until 2020 after their modernization in 2002.

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