Hobbytime 051 1/144 F-4E Phantom II 2020 ”Terminator” Plastic Model Kit

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F-4E Phantom II Plane Model Expecialy rebuild for Hobbytime


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Name: Hobbytime 051 1/144 F-4E Phantom II Fighter Plane Model 2020 ”Terminator”

Brand: Hobbytime

Stock Number: 051

Scale: 1/144( It is a 144 times smaller model of the real.)

Type: Disassembled (you must use glue and paint for build)

Part Number : 31

Material : Plastic



  • The parts of enjection
  • 2 Plastic Frame
  • 1 Assembly Manual
  • 1 Decal
  • 1 Transparent Frame
  • 1 Airfield



  • Scale Model of  F-4E Phantom.
  • İt is designed disassemled plastic.
  • Glue and Paint do not come out of the Box.
  • You can make the model easily with Assembly Manual.
  • We sopposed the use original color in the Assembly Manual When make the model.



This Plastic Model suitable for beginner Modellers , Expecially Modelers who build Turkish Air Force Aircraft.This Model contain quality decal,less part with easier build and 1 Airfield.This make that model attractive for many modelers.

Concerning about F-4 Phantom II :

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a multi-purpose fighter-bomber produced by the American McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Its construction was first started in 1961. It was used in active service by the American Army until 1996. Its Russian counterpart is Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21.

Additional information

Weight 0.325 kg
Dimensions 37 × 24 × 17.5 cm





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