Hobbytime 002 Tukish Airforce F-100 Super Sabre Part-2

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Tukish Airforce F-100 Super Sabre Expecialy rebuild for Hobbytime


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Levent Başara prepared with great care by our country and in this study, with a first of its kind for aviation enthusiasts, the Turkish Air Force will find the inventory in 30 years to close a period used and marked the history of our military aviation F-100 Turkey adventure of Super Saber aircraft.

Subject headings in the second part:

  • F-100s Over Cyprus
  • F-100s in the Cyprus Peace Operation
  • Danish F-100s
  • War Preparation Training with F-100s
  • F-100s Out of Inventory
  • Return to the USA
  • Last Stop Junkyard
  • The Remainders
  • Various F-100 Photos
  • Queue Numbers
  • Martyrs List



Hobbytime is penned by bass and Levent Basaran’s Edition for the F-100 Super Saber aircraft to Turkey adventure detail in every aviation lover of writing and modelers necessarily F-100 should be in the hands of Super Saber book section 2. The book has 76 pages and includes 230 reference photographs.




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