Hobbytime 001 Tukish Airforce F-100 Super Sabre Part-1

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Tukish Airforce F-100 Super Sabre Expecialy rebuild for Hobbytime


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Levent Başara prepared with great care by our country and in this study, with a first of its kind for aviation enthusiasts, the Turkish Air Force will find the inventory in 30 years to close a period used and marked the history of our military aviation F-100 Turkey adventure of Super Saber aircraft.


Subject headings in the first book:

  • F-100’s Arrival in the Turkish Air Force
  • Nuclear Strike Mission
  • Pilot Selection
  • First Painting and Fleet Symbols
  • F-100 Super Saber at Yeşilçam: Şafak Bekçileri
  • Best Hit Competitions
  • Various F-100D and F-100F Photos
  • The Arrival of the F-100Cs


This work, prepared in Turkish and English, consists of 64 pages, all in color. The book, whose content is enriched with visuals obtained from domestic and foreign sources, especially the archive of the Turkish Air Force Command, includes approximately 150 photographs, most of which have not been published anywhere before. This study, which sheds light on the 30-year history of the F-100 Super Saber, will be an important bedside book for all aviation enthusiasts and especially modelers.

The F-100 Super Saber Book in the Turkish Air Force is the first product of Hobbytime Publishing’s series book project, which will be a pioneer in its field.





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